MaxCohen and Batman welcome you!
This site focuses on our contributions to the minetest community. Click on the My Mods link to see the mods we have made. You can also click on the Mods I like link to see mods from othe people that I think are amazing. The server has been restarted. We are working to get better profomance. We will move many of the old buildings to the new map. Please be patient.

All our work is licenced as WTFPL. Download it, use it, share it or modify it all you want.


MaxCohen and I are working hard to make all the mods great. Max has changed a few to mesh nodes already. We have made a few more mods. I will get them listed on this site soon. We have put a lot of work into them the last week. So much more to come.

Nathan Salapat Max and I are done the new mod. Check out mylandscaping

Nathen has a youtube channel. Nathans Channel

Learn to mod

Rubenwardy wrote a book on how to make mods. If you want to learn how then check out his book.

You can veiw it here Minetest Modding Book. Keep in mind that it is a work in progress.

Rubenwardys website is at Rubenwardy.com