Mods I Like

This is a list of mods that I think are great. There are many mods for Minetest that are great but I will not list them all.


moretrees adds a number of trees to Minetest. This is one for the most popular and most supported mod there is.


More blocks adds a number of different blocks to Minetest. The really cool part of moreblocks is that it comes with a tablesaw. The saw cuts the blocks into a number of different shapes.


Home Decor adds a little of everything. This made adds everything you need for your home. There are fridges, stoves toasters and a whole lot more. Too much to list here.


Technic adds cool machines like power plants, chargers and more. If you like to have an advanced world then you need this mod.


Mesecons is the electronics of Minetest. There is so much you can do with this mod. There are pistons, controllers, wires and more.


Pipeworks is an automation system for minetest. You can set it up to take things out of the furnace and put it in a crafter and then off to a chest. That is a very simply thing you can do. You can make some pretty advanced automations. It is amazing.


Areas is a mod to protect land.


This provides an easy to use gui for areas. Makes it easier for servers to allow players to protect their own land.


World Edit is an advanced tool that allows you to do things like stack blocks, replace a type of block, automatically make different shapes and more.

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